View Full Version : Ft. Belmont Kansas pristine unmolested

04-19-2007, 12:20 PM
Recently worked a job in se kansas near the defunct town of belmont, once home to a civil war era fort and camps for union indians. Using ol maps I got to the vincintiy but due to land parceling and barb wire couldn't proceed by truck or foot w/o permission. lots of bull pastures too. well area is wooded, has a beautiful stream called sandy or big sandy creek, lots of open prarie nearby where many refugees could have congregated and over 50 deer by quick count alone in one area.. never found the old town or the fort but hope too. locals were unsure or knew area but not who to get acess from but i know if must be a pristine site as there is no encroacment for 20 miles around. good to see and hope it satys the same.