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04-11-2007, 09:00 AM
For those of you that know soldiers that have or are serving in either of the current war zones, I thought that I would post the following article about a pontential long-term complication that can arise from traumatic head injuries well after the fact.

Wounded Veterans at Risk for Epilepsy
Week of April 09, 2007

Epilepsy experts say that veterans arriving home with traumatic brain injuries are at risk for seizures, which could be subtle and develop months to several years after their initial injury. There are no treatments to prevent epilepsy. Experts say it is hard to know exactly how many injured troops could later develop epilepsy. Early warning signs for epilepsy can include subtle changes in behavior, lapses in memory, strange sensory auras, attention problems and depression. The American Epilepsy Society announced last week new efforts to help wounded Soldiers on their return home. For more information on epilepsy, visit the American Epilepsy Society's website (http://www.aesnet.org/).

The fact that severe head injuries can result in the later development of epilepsy has been known for decades but, apparently has only recently been associated with the types of head injuries that many soldiers have been suffering from IED explosions. I can even remember reading about the link as well as the probable reasons for the links in 1980, but it took this article to remind me about it.