View Full Version : The CVG Field Hospital seeks volunteers!

04-03-2007, 04:20 PM
We are a living history group devoted to the accurate portrayal of a field medical staff rendering aid during the U.S. Civil War. We research the men, equipment and methods of the era, participate in living history events and provide authentic interactive displays to educate the general public of the achievements and discoveries of the respective Medical Departments, North and South.

Typically, we portray the medical care provided to soldiers in camp and in the immediate battlefield area - the type of activities that are both more common to the experiences of the actual Civil War soldier and more authentically within the parameters of most tactical events today.

Above anything else, The CVG Field Hospital is a social organization which serves its members by providing a means of sharing their common interest in American Civil War medicine through research, discussion and living history interpretation. Each member is recognized as being unique and possessing individual skills and talents. These personal contributions are what make an organization strong and are always appreciated. Recently, we affiliated with the The Chesapeake Volunteer Guard - a group that shares our goals and vision for the reenactment hobby.

It is impossible to accurately recreate everything about the American Civil War. In fact, it is doubtful whether anyone would wish to do so. It was, after all, a war. Few people would seek to suffer to the extent the veterans (and other victims of the war) did. We seek to recreate specific areas of their experience in an effort to understand more. These areas include material culture, American Civil War era customs and practices, camp life, administrative routine, etc., etc. The CVG Field Hospital encourages its members to obtain the highest practical level of authenticity. When we leave our modern transportation behind, we usually don't return until we are going home. Everything we use at an event is on our backs, on our horses or in horse drawn wagon/ambulances. Unless we are using our camp as a field hospital, nothing is left behind when we move. Depending on circumstances, we may, or may not, be sleeping in tents. Although it may be a medical unit, it is part of a military establishment and its members behave appropriately.

If you see yourself in this very challenging interpretation, please contact us for further information. We genuinely look forward to hearing from you!