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03-27-2006, 09:48 AM
This came in my email this morning, and since I think Old Bedford is a wonderful place, I feel obligated to pass this along.

Originally Submitted by Ed Kelley


I have forwarded an email from Colonel Essig about the dire straights that
Old Bedford Village seems to be in. At this point as far as we know the OBV
events are still on we were given no reason to believe that they will not be
taking place so don't panic. I along with Mark will keep on top of the
situation and keep you all abreast of any developments that may occur. I am
backing Colonel Essig in the plea for donations to help keep Roger Kerwin in
place as the Director. The plain truth is the Village is BROKE and cannot
afford payroll at this point. If you have attended the OBV event in the past
or have visited there you know it's value. I am asking all of you to find it
in your hearts to please send a donation of anything you can afford ( it is
suggested at least $20 if you can but anything will help if that's not
possible ) to the Village and put a note in with it that your donation is
for payroll ONLY to keep Roger in place till this eases a bit. Without Roger
future events may be in doubt........ we will see. If you would forward this
to any reenactor of any era that you know that may help. Please send what
you can to :

Old Bedford Village
Attn: Chuck
220 Sawblade Rd.
Bedford, PA 15522

Thank You for your time,

Edward Kelley Sr. , Major General
Birneys Division

03-27-2006, 10:15 AM
I can attest to the situation at Bedofrd. A member of my battery is a member of their foundation and also does some volunteer work. We were there this weekend for an artillery school and able to see firsthand what has been going on.

The bridge into the facility is being replaced to the tune of $600K. There was a major water leak that was costing an exorbitant amount in water charges monthly. They have had to replace water lines throughout the village at a cost of over $200K. Roger has not been paid since October.

Just a few little things...........

03-27-2006, 10:19 AM
I agree that Old Bedford Village isa wonderful place, we had the Action Front- Artillery School there this past weekend, and I have held many Schools/Camps of Instruction there in the past, and have donated funds from each to Bedford.

Roger is a great person and a hard worker. I know with all the recent water issues they have had, expenses are going through the roof. Hopefully our program and the benefit dinner they had this past Saturday will be of assistance to them.

I hope to see this site continue and to to host many more schools there in the future.


03-29-2006, 11:50 AM
I wanted to pass this along on this forum since it had been posted here to send donations and such. This is a copy-n-paste of an email from Ed Kelley, Commanding Birney's Division.



I have been informed that the crisis at Old Bedford Village has been averted all is FINE and all events scheduled will go on as usual along with future events without a hitch. Please DO NOT send donations at this point they are no longer needed. Get with your people and be sure to let them know. We are looking forward to the event there April 6,7 and have about 175 Federals and about 140 Confederates registered, all looks fantastic. I will be arriving mid afternoon Friday when you arrive check in at registration and get with one of our staff officers for cabin or camping assignments. Thank you for any help you may have rendered to the former request.

Your Servant,
Edward Kelley Sr. , Major General
Birneys Division