View Full Version : Joe Hofmann has brass nuts!!

NJ Sekela
03-26-2006, 04:04 PM
There 1865 Quartermaster's manual called for a galvanized iron washer and a "screw nut". Many have taken that to mean that the bottom nut was also of galvanized, and many reproductions reflect this detail. Upon examining original Federal canteens it was found that many of the corks were actually fastened with brass fasteners at the bottom.

Not to be outdone, Joe Hofmann is leading the way, canteen corks, drawn and at the ready!! His fastener at the bottom is identical to originals found in the Stamatelos brothers collection.
http://www.njsekela.com/szabo/cork/brass.jpgMoreover, a Hadden Porter and Booth contract canteen was found to have a notched steel fastening nut, which has also been reproduced.
As Mr. Hofmann begins producing his own line of Federal Canteen, no detail will be overlooked. He is starting with the cork and working his wayout.

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NJ Sekela,