View Full Version : Civil War Historian Battlefield Preservation

Matt Woodburn
03-14-2007, 01:00 PM

Here's the deal! This Bully Buy is for something dear to us all - battlefield preservation! Civil War Historian Magazine and I have agreed to team up to help save Civil War battlefields. Every new subscription or renewal will generate funds that will go to save battlefileds. The rate for a one year subscription ( 6 issues ) is $28.95. If you are a new subscriber, half of your annual rate will go to preservation. If you renew/extend your subscription, $5 will go to preservation.

For part of your subscription to go to battlefield preservation YOU MUST ENTER THIS CODE: W07AUT (The numbers between the W and the A are zero and seven). When you subscribe on their page, it will say Website Support Program. ALL of the funds raised in this program will go to battlefield preservation.

To subscribe go to: Civil War Historian Bully Buy (http://civilwarhistorian.com/thankyoupromo.shtml)

For more info on Civil War Historian Magazine go to: Civil War Historian Magazine (http://www.civilwarhistorian.com)

If you know you'll renew your subscription this year, DO IT NOW and help save our battlefields. If you've never subscribed, this is the premier magazine on our hobby. Check out the link above and I'm sure you'll agree to give it a year subscription. I will post here the battlefields and dollar amounts that we all raise together.

Best Regards,
Matt Woodburn