View Full Version : Registration for Encampment at Pittsburg Landing closes March 30th

Jim of the SRR
03-12-2007, 02:41 PM
Registration for the Encampment at Pittsburg Landing event closes on March 30th. We have to know how many folks are coming ahead of time as we have a working sutlery and commissary to stock prior to the event. This will be a unique Living History taht you won't want to miss. Help us celebrate the 145th anniversary in a big way by supporting this effort.

Event and Registration information is at:


Please note that the website has the following new updates:
- Updated registration list as of 3-12-07
- Uniform Guidelines have been further defined.
- Registration Form reflects new registration close date.
- Living History Guidelines are posted and these critical to the success of the program.
- 8th Illinois Research Page has been updated to include Hare's Brigade Movements at the Battle of Shiloh.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Jim Butler

"these tents were shelter for up to 12 men; but in fixed camp use, as many as 20 men were made to share one tent. In cold or rainy weather, when every opening is closed, they are most unwholesome tenements, and to enter one of them of a rainy morning from the outer air, and encounter the night’s accumulation of nauseating exhalations from the bodies of twelve men (differing widely in their habits of personal cleanliness) was an experience which no old soldier has ever been known to recall with any great enthusiasm. Of course the air was of the vilest sort, and it is surprising to see how men endured it as they did."
from Billings, Hardtack and Coffee (courtesy of Tom Ezell)