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I'd like to hear anyone's ghost expierences or stories.

In 2003 at the 140th Anniversary of Gettysburg, 2 pards and I went near Devil's Den on the 2nd day of the reenactment at night. So we walked around the boulders and went across a road and we walked a path through the trees. We stopped for a while to see if we can hear or see anything. There were other people on the path with flashlights. It took me only 5 minutes to adjust my eyes to something in the distance, it looked like something was hiding behind a tree and it suddenly came out and looked as if it was running towards us and then ducked behind another tree, it was a dark shape, from my veiw it looked like a Confederate with a slouch hat on toting his rifle. This one guy with a flashlight walked by us and I timed him walking from us to the figure, I counted to 30 in my head and expected that person to see it, but he walked by it. The figure continued what it was doing, about 5 times, before I said anything but as soon as I said it one of my pards said he noticed the same thing and pointed out to our other pard. Sure enough they got really spooked and hurried out of there. I was left in the dust and I followed suit behind them, each time looking back to see if I still could see it but didn't. I wasn't scared or anything, just intrigued and a bit perplexed because we were dressed in our Union uniforms and this thing was running towards us, but cautiously. It's taken me 4 years just to get this out, I've never told anyone about it til now.

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