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03-08-2007, 05:29 PM

In an effort to offer new items, and stuff not being made by others in the market I am pleased to offer the following:

SA Mounted Services Jacket- Copied from an original in the west point collection. Coat was Completely Handsewn with logwood dyed thread. This coat is very unique as it had a printed dress material for the sleeve linings, and had a glaze like that of polished cotton or silk. The lining was a dark brown jean wool, and was padded in the chest, but was not quilted. My reproduction has printed dress material for the sleeves, jean wool lining and is stamped in the left sleeve with the SA size and dot sizing if prefered. All visable stitching handsewn. $425 Postage Paid

Contract Mounted Services Jacket- Copied from an original in a private collection. This coat is unmarked, and resembles products produced by the NY depot. Therefore although speculation, I figure this may be an eastern contract Mounted Coat. Almost completely machine sewn, lining is a rough white cotton, hand quilted chest, all facings applied by hand as well as all button holes done by hand. Trim is applied down by machine per the original. Cuffs are non functional. This coat is also available in a Cinc. Contract. $325 Postage Paid

Specify red or yellow trim.

Mounted Services Great Coat-
Copied from an original in West Point. This coat was marked No.1 for the size, no other contractor stamps or inspector stamps. Coat was mostly machine sewn with handsewn finishing details. This coat fatured the double breast and longer cape, specified for the mounted services. Made of Sky Blue Kersey. $425 PPD

Mounted Trowsers-
Copied from an original pair in West Point. These trowsers were Marked R&W contract for Rockhill and Wilson, a Philidephia based contractor. Mostly machine sewn with handsewn details. A square type yoke set into the back, and reinforced seat which is handfelled down. Complete with buttons on the cuff for mounted use. $195 Postage Paid

William Deering Contract Mounted Trowsers- Copied from an original in west point. Wedge shaped yoke as seen on the enlisted foot versions. mostly machine sewn with handsewn details, this pair is unique as the pockets were altered to mule ear, we can do this if you wish, otherwise come with standard side seam pockets. Mounted reinforcement was applied with a double row of machine topstitching. Cuffs have the buttons for mounted use.
$195 Postage Paid

Also with my current regular job workload, as soon as I finish up my orders I am switching to an instock basis for the following items:

Sack Coats, Foot Trowsers, Issue Shirts, Civilian Shirts, Haversacks, CS Jackets ( Richmond Depot and Columbus Depot), Forage Caps, CS Kepis, CS Issue Trowsers, Drawers (US and Civilian), Suspenders, Shelter Halves

Mounted Items, Officers Items, Frock Coats and Greatcoats will be custom order items, as there's not as large of a call for them.

However if there is an item you want and I dont have the size, let me know I will make it and when its done, you can send the funds along.

I am also working on getting a pay pal business account, which will allow me to take any credit cards ( no paypal account needed by you) E -checks, and also allow me to take cards over the phone. This should be set up within the next few weeks.


03-08-2007, 08:09 PM
It's nice to see another source for mounted gear come into light.

03-08-2007, 09:13 PM

I hope to add more stuff as I get to see more originals. I think I pretty much have most things covered. But if there is something you can reccomend let me know, and I will search out an original to copy. One of my next projects is measuring up an original officers uniform ID'd to a Capt. in the 6th PA Cav, which is in EOG. Its the shell jacket with fold down velvet collar, and his trowsers. My friend measured up an original feed bag, which maybe in the near future we will reproduce. I should have some photo's of mounted jackets up soon, also a mounted greatcoat and trowsers as soon as I make a new pair.

03-10-2007, 10:41 PM

Will you be offering an unpiped MSJ?

I've ben thinking about one.....


03-11-2007, 10:06 AM

Yeah I can do them, thanks for reminding me as I was going to have that info put on my website. I can do them with either the cut down shorter collar, or with the full size collar. If I can find it, I had a really good first person account of a guy in the 143rd PA during the battle of gettysburg picking one up, tearing off the trim and wearing it for the rest of the campaign. I guess I should offer it 2 ways, 1 with shorter collar and belt pillows removed, and the other with regular collar size and pillows in place. Im guessing it depended on the soldier, and how much time was available what the coat actually looked like. Anyhow I think $250 would be a fair price for one. I will get some info up soon. Also here's a link to the jackets on my site which was updated recently http://www.osgoodreproductions.com/Mounted.htm