View Full Version : Good money after bad

02-23-2007, 07:35 PM
Dear Fellers,
The Museum of the Confederacy moving ,considering a name change , The Chicago Historical Museum changing its name and then closing the Civil War exhibit ( this in itself is unbelievable !) , what next ?
The question now becomes how to cope or oppose these actions . Those interested in Civil War history are too few in number , under-organized, have no political influence , have not the financial power to boycott or protest . Perhaps we should follow the example of Brian Prohanka , who donated his money to battlefield preservation. The battlefields , once gone usually can never be reclaimed while the museums ,et.al. will survive as they have government funding . Why support museums and organizations which act counter to our desires ? Battlefield Preservation will at least save ( as the saying goes), "they're not making any more of ."
all for the old flag ,
David Corbett