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02-21-2007, 08:33 AM
An important project like the McRae Papers deserves a tremendous amount of support. An original SC housewife has been replicated and is being auctioned to raise funds to help with their purchase. 100% of the proceeds will be donated.


Just like the original, this one is entirely hand made out of red, white, and blue wool and sewn with silk thread. It is in the non-faded condition and colors that the original would have been when new. The original has the initials “JJ” embroidered. Once someone claims this, I’ll either embroider those initials or the initials of his choice in silk.

The four panels are made out of wool, and the bottom two are pockets. It is stocked with

• Patches of fabric by FHW, Childs, and more
• Antique brass pins
• Needles
• Thread wrapped on canvas
FHW logwood
FHW linen
Black, brown, and cream heavy glace cotton
• 7 different types of beautiful buttons donated by Jim Kindred of Military Warehouse in a handsewn linen poke sack
• Chunk of raw beeswax wrapped in linen
• Piece of leather for pushing needles
• Reproduction Confederate postage stamps on perforated 100% rag paper
• Hanks of hemp twine in two thicknesses
• Cotton twill tape in black and white
• Tin of strike-anywhere matches in two sizes
• Handsewn pillow ticking poke sack to hold and protect it all

When unrolled flat, it is 13” long, and 5 ¼” wide. The exterior is brown wool, edged with faded yellow cotton twill tape. The top section has a crescent moon (S.C. symbol since the Revolution), and the second white wool panel has wool layers with needles and antique brass pins. The middle red panel has a white wool on blue wool star, and the bottom blue panel has a Palmetto tree flanked by “S” and “C”. All the pieces are individually cut and sewn in place in layers.

If interested in this, more pictures and details may be found at http://www.authentic-campaigner.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9359

If you have trouble getting onto the AC forum but you're interested, please email me at PreservationParcels@hotmail.com. The auction will end when there have been no bids in the previous 24 hours.