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02-16-2007, 08:09 AM
We are a unit based out of Charleston South Carolina and we are seeking recruits in the South Carolina area. We will also except recruits in North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama and even Florida.

We are a fun friendly new group having with us three in state South Carolina volunteers and other volunteers from Tennessee Alabama and Pennsylvania that do national events with us.

We do not do fees. So you don't have to pay once a month or year to be a member.

We are not hardcore, but we do try to be as authentic as possible.

Most of our events are local instate South Carolina but we try to have events out of state that is if we can get the number of people to go.

Anymore questions you can email me at nc69th@yahoo.com

Corporal Chadd M. Vail


Heres a little history of the Unit:

The unit was formed in late 1862 and saw service in Tennessee

fighting in the battles of

Strawberry Plains Bridge Tennessee June 20 1863
Battles of Telford and Limestone Station Tennessee September 8, 1863
Battle of Blue Springs October 10, 1863
Battle of Henderson's Mill Tennessee October 11, 1863
Battle of Bean's Station Tennessee December 14, 1863
Battle of Carter's Depot Tennessee April 25, 1864

Then the unit moved to Virginia and took part in the Saltworks Campaign

Battle of Piedmont Virginia June 5-6 1864
Battle of Lynchburg Virginia June 17-18 1864
Battle of Monocacy Maryland July 9 1864
Battle of Fort Stevens Washington D.C. July 11-12 1864
Second Battle of Kernstown Virginia July 24, 1864
Battle of Folcks Mill Cumberland Maryland August 1, 1864
Battle of Moorefield Oldsfields West Virginia August 7, 1864
Battle of Charles Town West Virginia August 25-29 1864
Battle of Smithfield Crossing West Virginia August 25-29 1864
Battle of Berryville West Virginia September 3-4 1864
Battle of 3rd Winchester Virginia September 19 1864
Battle of Fisher's Hill Virginia September 21-22 1864
Battle of Cedar Creek Virginia- October 19 1864

The 69th North Carolina then returned to North Carolina where it fought mostly skirmishes in the Cumberland Gap area at places like Soco's Gap, Swannanoa Gap
On May 6, 1865 in the White Sulpher Springs area the 69th Skirmished with Federal troops.
Finally on May 10, 1865 beaten and tired General William Holland Thomas surrendered his Legion along with the 69th North Carolina to Federal forces under Colonel William C. Bartlett at Waynesville North Carolina.