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02-15-2007, 09:19 AM

The Mariner's Museum in Newport News Virginia will be opening the Monitor Center in Newport News Va during the weekend of 9-11 March 2007.

The Mariner's Museum along with NOAA have been responsible for the artifacts from the USS Monitor. They have various objects from the ship already preserved as well as several that will take years more to 'de-salt'.

The Monitor 'wing' of the museum was started a few years ago with the keel-laying ceremony of a full size replica of the USS Monitor. As of Saturday when I visited the museum's Montitor Center is about 98% complete.

As far as museums go it is truly incredible!

The weekend will play host to a variety of goings on to include a Civil War encampment and upwards of five to ten thousand visitors are expected.

If you or your group is interested in attending - contact Cindi Verser at the Mariner's Museum to see if there is any space left for camping. CVerser@MarinersMuseum.org (she'll put you in touch with the right folks and get your group registered)

Sutlers (2 maybe) and indoor bathroom facilities, along with breakfast and lunch munchies will be provided by the Museum.

More info about the Museum can be found at:

Weekend event info at:

Cool web-site for their Monitor Center is at:

Union Navy
02-15-2007, 11:12 AM
If you want to go as Navy, north or south, you may be able to fall in with us. Contacts are the Tidewater Marine Living History Association or the US Naval Landing Party (www.usnlp.org) or email me. We are already working with staff at the museum and are setting up to provide a number of navy-related demonstrations and participate in ceremonies. This is a big deal for us - we may even outnumber the Army this time!