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02-10-2007, 07:38 AM
This is especially meant for men in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina who are within reasonable driving distance of Richmond... If interested, e-mail me, thanks!

I'm contacting you and any men in your unit (please forward this message to your membership if you could), to gauge interest in participating in the upcoming military scenes for the HBO/Playtone mini-series "John Adams." I am the military casting/coordinator for the film, along with John Bert.

The movie begins shooting in two weeks, and in the first few weeks of the shoot, there are a handful of large military scenes (British Army) - even though there are no battles in the film, there will be marching and military scenes and a large British Army "presence" on screen for some exterior "Boston" scenes (everything shot in Richmond) in this first leg of the film. There will also be additional days here and there in March, April and May that guys can participate in.

You don't have to be a British Re-enactor OR even a full-fledged Rev War guy at all - I need good folks, with black powder experience who can be "soldiers" with little training... if you have white small clothes great, but that's not the main requirement - it's that you can authenticlaly portray a soldier on screen...

I need to hear from guys right away if they're interested.... We are looking for individuals, not entire units to come out - everyone must eventually been seen and fitted individually before the shoot date, so I need to get e-mails from guys, one-on-one...

If interested in the info posted below and you want to come out and play for a few days here and there, e-mail me RIGHT AWAY at lionheartkrh@earthlink.net with your name, mailing address, e-mail, phone #s (all of them possible), PHOTOGRAPH (or link where to find you and see what you look like), and if you are honestly willing to come down for the fitting in the next week or two and if you are up for a few days on the shoot - I HAVE NO DATES, so please be flexible - if you have lots of conflicts, don't bother - if you can take a day off from work a few times a month to work on this, then please do e-mail me

This is a great opportunity to get involved without a lengthy time commitment. It's nice if guys have basic British Army-ish small clothes (white weskit, breeches, stockings, appropriate shoes, shirt and neck stock) - Musket and traps is great, but not a deal breaker - anything outside of this is a bonus! Men who are interested will have to come to the production office in Mechanicsville, Va, slightly north-east of Richmond, for a costume fitting and to fill out paperwork. EVERYONE NEEDS TO COME TO THE OFFICE FOR A FITTING, that's the first step in the process. Then, as the military scenes come up on the schedule, we will call you to see if you can come in and work that day, if not we go to the next person and cal you next time. There are small scenes and large scenes we need guys for - a handful of days per month.

There are also opportunities to portray Colonial militia, soldiers, navy and Colonial marines at a later date.

Pay is $150 per day. Pay for the costume fitting will be 25% of your day rate. Food on set will be great (this is an HBO/Tom Hanks production and they all like to eat), and this will be a major film once completed an airing on HBO, so many will see you! Sadly, no accommodations will be provided so you'd have to crash near Richmond if not "local" or drive in and out for the shoot days. Shooting will take place ONLY from Monday to Friday each week - no weekend shooting (and this won't change) - sorry. Yes, any beards or facial hair of any kind would have to go.

Looking for male soldiers ONLY right now, that's what I'm casting, can't use any women in uniform, or any young children in the ranks (under 16) - we are REALLY looking for thin men, first and foremost - weight is a major issue both for the costumes we are using from England and for the Director's need for camera. We are looking for the youngest men possible too, but thin and fit is more important than age. Costuming will be done thru the wardrobe dept. (they have needs for color and camera, so they won't be using your own regimentals), but they do need you to wear your own, well-fitting small clothes.

Right now, not looking for women/camp followers, but perhaps in the future - looks for that request at a later date.

Serious questions, e-mail me directly at lionheartkrh@earthlink.net

Please spread the word to your pards, we're going to need a bunch of different soldiers over the next three months of filming! thanks.

Kevin R Hershberger

LionHeart FilmWorks, LLC