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03-19-2006, 12:06 PM
The WIG is hosting a Federal living history at Fort Granger in Franklin, Tennessee on May 19-21, 2006. During the event we will portray three companies of the 84th Indiana Infantry Regiment. During the spring and early summer of 1863 the 84th Indiana was garrisoned at Franklin and were used in the construction of the fort.

During the course of the weekend we will recreate the daily routine of the men in Companies A, D, and F, 84th Indiana. There will be duty rotations throughout the day on Saturday. These rotations will involve drill, fatigue, guard and rest. During drill, we plan on having several pieces of artillery available for the men to learn how to work a gun. During fatigue detail, soldiers will be rebuilding part of the Northwest earthwork which has eroded over the years. There is a gap in the works that is approximately 10 feet wide, by 8 feet deep, by 8 feet across. This is the part that we will be rebuilding. If anyone has access to period entrenching tools, please bring them to use in the construction of the works. This is a chance to help build original works, just like the 84th Indiana did, and to participate in an important preservation event. When guard duty rolls around, soldiers will have the honor of standing picket upon the original ground where hundreds of soldiers stood guard over Fort Granger and the City of Franklin. During the rest rotation, soldiers will be able to trade with local civilians, have their dirty laundry cleaned by camp followers, and purchase food, drink and personal items at the fort sutler.

From original clothing returns we know that the 84th was issued corduroy trousers while garrisoned at Granger. We encourage anyone wishing to bring and wear cords to do so. However, it is MANDATORY that anyone with corduroy trousers also bring their sky blue trousers. Regulation trousers will have to be worn Sunday morning for inspection. Rations will be issued on Saturday morning early for breakfast. Rations will again be issued at lunch and dinner on Saturday and again on Sunday for breakfast.

This is a garrison impression and the men are encouraged to bring and erect their shelter-halves. Company streets will be laid out and company areas will be policed and kept orderly. The daily schedule will be sounded by the bugle and everyone should expect a more regimented routine than we are accustomed to while campaigning.

The WIG will be going all out on this one as it is their primary event for the year. This is an invitation only event. Anyone looking for more information can do so on the website at http://www.westernindependentgrays.org/Granger_2006/index.htm

Anyone that would like an invite to attend should contact Pat Craddock or one of the Company Commanders.
Pat Craddock - Craddock64@aol.com
John Duffer (Co. A) - jduff@gspnet.com
Justin Runyon (Co. D) - PM via Authentic Campaigner Forum
Tripp Corbin (Co. F)- trippcor@bellsouth.net

04-18-2006, 10:52 AM
Early registration for Fort Granger ends on April 20th. After that registration goes from $25.00 to $35.00 (more for paypal). Let's get registered for this event if you have not already. For registration and other information go to the event website at http://www.westernindependentgrays.org/Granger_2006

04-20-2006, 01:52 PM
Today is the last day for early registration. Better get it in the mail today or use Payal to avoid paying an extra $10.00.