View Full Version : Carter & Jasper has coverlets back in stock, along with several new items!

02-01-2007, 12:07 PM
We now have coverlets back in stock as well as the new items:

- Wool and cotton coverlet, Cat tracks and snail trails pattern, available in a variety of colors. Colors now in stock are brown/white, black/white, blue/white, and red/white. Sizes currently in stock are 54 x 68 and 54 x 72. Special orders / custom colors are available as Carter & Jasper are working close with this weaver to provide items for the living history market. Price $95 for small, $105 for large

- Also from the same weaver, 19th century pattern hand towels in 100% cotton. Multi colored. $8

- Civilian red wool flannel drawers - sizes currently available 34,36, but larger sizes on the way. Price $65

- Several new civilian shirts in stock, including wool domet flannel shirts, civilian plaid overshirts, and the plain white muslin shirts (in smaller sizes). Check website soon for updates.

Many news items of civilian clothing coming into stock daily, so please check the website often. New shipment of handknit socks (still $35!), scarves, balaclavas, and tams is on the way.