View Full Version : Early Registration ends Feb 14th for Encampment at Pittsburg Landing

Jim of the SRR
01-30-2007, 03:28 PM
Early Registration for the Encampment at Pittsburg Landing ends on Feb 14th. Then the fee goes up to $35. Also, if you regsiter early you will be entered in a drawing to win a wetplate sitting and image. There will also be some other prizes as well. But, you must register early to be entered in the drawings.

Registration and event information is at:


All particpants should review the "Living History Guidelines" and "Uniform Guidelines" pages.

Jim Butler
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SRR www.geocities.com/saltriverrifles

"these tents were shelter for up to 12 men; but in fixed camp use, as many as 20 men were made to share one tent. In cold or rainy weather, when every opening is closed, they are most unwholesome tenements, and to enter one of them of a rainy morning from the outer air, and encounter the nightís accumulation of nauseating exhalations from the bodies of twelve men (differing widely in their habits of personal cleanliness) was an experience which no old soldier has ever been known to recall with any great enthusiasm. Of course the air was of the vilest sort, and it is surprising to see how men endured it as they did."
from Billings, Hardtack and Coffee (courtesy of Tom Ezell)