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01-30-2007, 08:29 AM
For your very best impression, please consider this Confederate housewife kit. It is entirely handsewn with silk embroidered Second National, Bonnie Blue, and First National flags and patterned after the Confederate housewife on page 213 of EOG. The removable needle case has a hidden pocket that may be stocked with all the necessary items and used for long marches where every inch and ounce matter. Comes with handsewn, muslin-lined poke sack. $100 ($25 to preservation) ppd
1 available


silk and 100% non-mercerized cotton thread
cotton twill tape binding and ties
Stocked with

• lump of raw beeswax wrapped in cotton
• original and new paper backed tin, glass, and bone buttons in handsewn poke sack
• patch fabric –FHW jean cloth, C. Childs satinette, wool, osnaburg
• needle case made of wool and silk with needles and pins
• thread wrapped on cloth - FHW logwood dyed cotton, FHW natural linen, non-mercerized black, brown, and off-white cotton thread
• journal – 4” x 5 1/2”, marbleized and shellacked cover, 100% cotton rag paper pages that are hand stitched with FHW linen thread for individual removal
• penknife sharpened pencil
• reproduction Confederate postage stamps on 100% rag paper – perforated
• hanks of hemp twine in two sizes
• cotton twill tape in black and white
• 2 tins with 2 sizes of strike-anywhere matches
• 100% stearine candle

This is ready to be sent. Post here, PM, or e-mail at PreservationParcels@hotmail.com to reserve for up to seven days. Money orders, personal checks or Paypal at preservationparcels@hotmail.com gladly accepted.

stitch by stitch, acre by acre

01-30-2007, 03:14 PM
The housewife has been reserved. Thank you.