View Full Version : symbolism of heart and hand

03-17-2006, 01:43 PM
I was at a presentation of Johnson's Island CW prison last evening at the Civil War Round Table. There were several items that have been found that the people at Johnson's Island have not had time to research and therefore :? are unable to identify the "symbolism" of. One which continues to reoccur is that of a hand point upward with the index finger with a heart above. Any body know anything about this. I know what the hand with the index pointing upwards most likely means "heaven". I cannot seem to find a reference as to why they are both together. They have found several examples of this. Can you provide any information?

The second item was a glass bottle (brown) which was found near the hospital dig. I wish I could provide a picture but I do not have one. It had a crown on the upper part of the bottle (perhaps the manufacturer). Any thoughts?

I thank you for any help you could provide. :wink: