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03-17-2006, 10:40 AM
In celebration of the day, I offer the following account:

In a letter to his father, Major Peter Vredenburgh, of the 14th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, writes on March 19th, 1864:

“As A. Ward would say, “The Irish” celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in the morning & afternoon too, in an appropriate manner. Hundreds of ladies were present and a platform was erected for them and the Insp. Gen. on one side of a half mile track. Hurdle races, mule races, and sack races without number interspersed with wrestling matches, boxing matches, and Lucifer matches were the order of the day while the exercises were occasionally oiled over, with a “greased pole” and a greased pig with a greasy tail, chased by greasy aspirants. Notwithstanding the primeval crudeness of the program, we there had lots of fun and whiskey. “I’ll bet ye” – and none who had any fun or whiskey in him could help but laugh. Nearly every officer was mounted and such pushing, crowding, and cussing I never heard before, and never expect to hear again.”

Upon the Tented Field – Edited by Bernard A. Olsen, 1993 – Historic Projects, Inc.