View Full Version : Commutation Jackets on sale for the Spring

Richmond Depot
01-26-2007, 08:03 PM

I am pleased to announce that for Spring 2007, we will have our reproduction Kent, Payne and Co. Commutation jackets on sale. We will begin taking orders on these beginning tommorow Jan.27 and ending on Friday, April 6, 2007. Normally priced at $249.95, these will be discounted 10% for a total of $224.96 excluding shipping.

Fabric selections for these jackets will be Cadet Grey Broadcloth, Grey Green Brown Satinette, and Grey Brown Satinette.

For further details on this jacket, I would suggest the following,

Enlisted Uniforms of The Maryland Confederate Infantry: A Case Study, Part 1, by Ross Kimmel Company of Military Historians Magazine.

Check our web site at www.RichmondDepot.com for special sale pricing on other early / Commutation era accessories