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01-25-2007, 01:11 PM
Here are the units to be portrayed for Antietam Scenarios at September Storm-

First Battle- Eyeball to eyeball- the Assault of the Iron Brigade

For participants only, shortly after dawn


Battery B, 4th US

2nd USSS
19th Ind Inf
7th Wisc Inf
6th Wisc Inf
2nd Wisc Inf

7th Pa Reserves
4th Pa Reserves
8th Pa Reserves


Parker's Virginia Battery

13th GA Inf
38th GA Inf

2nd VA Inf- 26th NCST

6th LA Inf- PSL
9th La Inf- CVG
10th La Inf

2nd MS Inf- recycled from 13th GA
11th MS Inf- recycled from 38th GA
6th NC inf- recycled from 2nd VA- 26th NCST

Last Action- Sedgwick's Repulse- public action 11:30 AM


Woodruff's Battery

15th Mass Inf
20th Mass Inf
82nd NY Inf
59th NY
42nd NY
106th PA
7th MI
72nd PA


Parker's Virginia Battery

32nd Virginia
10th GA
13th Miss Inf- CVG
17th Miss- 26th NCST
13th VA- CMF
52nd VA
7th GA
9th GA

Please let me know if there are units you prefer to portray as soon as you can.


01-26-2007, 09:06 AM
Due to a typo, I listed 2 wrong units-

Please replace the 10th GA with the 24th NC and the 2nd VA with the 4th...the 2nd was in Martinsburg, so they would be hard to portray.