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Levi Battery
01-25-2007, 08:27 AM
Hello all,

This is just a "For your information" in case we run into each other.

I am of course an associate member of the 57th NC Inf Co A. It was my GGG Grandfathers Lt. Benjamin Parnell's, command during the Civil War.

The events callender for the 57th so far is as follows;

April 21st and 22nd "On to Richmond" Essex MD MAX EFFORT EVENT Forms for this event located at http://www.freewebs.com/ballestone/

April 28 Clean up work at the Hoke Marker, Gettysburg, PA Setup time will be 10am.

May 26 Drill camp for kids and adults in front of "Supply Wagon", Gettysburg, PA MAX EFFORT EVENT Set up at 9am, first drill at 10:30am. 1pm, attacked by Yankees, and 2:30 pm second drill

June 9th Exec Committee meeting in Gettysburg, PA Location and time to be set later

June 23rd and 24th "March to Destiny" Shippensburg, PA MAX EFFORT EVENT Get the registration form here. http://www.marchtodestiny.org/

July 3rd "Our 4th Annual March Across Pickett's Charge" Gettysburg, PA Setup will be at the NC monument at 2pm, with step off at 3pm. We will follow in the steps of the 26th NC. Registration forms to come, please check back. For more info please email me at anv57regnc@... *Due to last years march, it has already been decided that Capt. Tim McCown will lead the march.

July 4th, Company cookout the mark the 145th Anniversary of the 57th North Carolina. More to come on Yahoo Groups. *this is for members of the 57th NC only.

July 14th and 15th "Rose Hill" Frederick, MD. MAX EFFORT EVENT See 1st Sgt Karen Gibbs for the registration form.

Aug 31st to Sept 3rd "Living History at the Gettysburg Wax Museum"
Set up on the 31st, and living history Sep 1st to 3rd.

Sep 22nd Clean up work at the Hoke Marker, Gettysburg, PA Setup time will be 10am Nov 17th "Remembrance Day" Gettysburg, PA Meet up time and location to be set later on Yahoo Groups.



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