View Full Version : Chickamauga LH - Sept 21-23

01-21-2007, 05:06 PM
The WESTERN INDEPENDENT GRAYS and the Stonewall Brigand are hosting a living history at the Chickamauga National Battlefield on September 21-23, 2007. During the event we will portray four Confederate Infantry Companies. The WIG is hosting a living history portraying the 7th Texas, Gregg’s Brigade, which later became Granbury’s Brigade under Cleburne. Gregg’s Brigade was under Buckner's Corp in the left wing commanded by Gen. Longstreet. We will have 3 companies of the WIG forming an AOT battalion and will have the Stonewall Brigade and the PLHA from the East join us portraying one company of the 7th SC from Kershaw’s Brigade of Longstreet's Corp.

This will not be a static living history. We will be following the actual movements of both brigades during the weekend. This will be an interpretive weekend where we will do demonstrations for the public at scheduled times while moving through the battlefield and making stops at key points in the battle. We will have 3 buglers for this event that will be playing the commands during the weekend much like was done a few years ago by the WIG. The weather in Georgia during September is normally still warm however can that can change with little notice. So be prepared.

While this event is being hosted by the WIG and Stonewall Brigade, registration is open to anyone that can meet the event guidelines. For more information or to register go to: