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03-16-2006, 09:56 AM
It is my pleasure to announce the formation of the Washington Light Infantry or WLI. This new Battalion will attend a variety of events, including campaign and progressive minded events. Members of the organization are expected to develop both Federal and Confederate kits, so the organization can attend some events as federal and some events as Confederates. For late war events and when appropriate the WLI is working on developing a solid Confederate Sharpshooter Battalion impression.

For 2006 the WLI has listed the following as "Battalion Events:"

June 2-4 - Shenandoah 62 as Confederates, Guiding Impression- 1st MD

Sept. 9-10 - Gaines' Mill Living History and Sharpshooter COI as
Confederates," Dunlop's Battalion"

Oct. 7-8 - The Battle of Perryville as Federals, 79th PA Infantry.

In addition to these "Battalion Events" the WLI will support a number of other events such as Ft. Stedman Living History, Artillery School, Brattonsville, SC, Boys of 61, Ft. Delaware COI, Funkstown, Gilmor'sRaid, Rich Mountain and much more.

Chris Anders is the overall commander and I will be serving as his second in command.

Anyone with questions regard the WLI or interested in joining should contact me at winderranger@comcast.net

The Battalion is developing a web site at www.wlibattalion.org, and that site currently hosts the bylaws and general information regarding the battalion.

John A. Wyman
Washington Light Infantry