View Full Version : Missionary Ridge 2007

01-21-2007, 10:11 AM
The 3rd Annual battle of Missionary Ridge will take place November 3-5, 2007 at Sequoia Caverns near Ft. Payne, Alabama. This event is hosted by Cleburne's Division (no longer associated with Alabama Division), 28th Alabama Infantry and co-hosted by Tom Doss and the Armies of Tennessee. The same folks that are bringing you Shiloh 2007 are putting this one on in the fall. We have flyers made and will have a link to event information as soon as the new Cleburne's Division website is up and running. For information contact Joe Way at Jwaynfwb@aol.com, Vern Tucker at LawsRebel@aol.com or Doug Isbell at DISBELL28th@aol.com. Last year's battle had artillery placed on top of the actual mountain and fighting took place up the side of the mountain which had rifle pits in place. We have a good time and a good battle. Give it some consideration!