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Orchard Hill
01-20-2007, 12:06 PM
Friends & Comrades;

We have added yet another new Period Music CD to our already
impressive collection of authentically performed Antebellum period
music performances.
We are pleased to now add another CD by Carson Hudson, along with Amy
Miller titled; "Hard Times, Stephen Foster Remembered". As the title
alludes, this is a collection of the music of Stephen Foster. Included songs
span from 1847 - 1863.
Just as with all of our other period music CD's, all selections are performed
using only period style instruments played in period fashion.
Please learn more about his CD, as well as the other CD's that we
offer by visiting our website at http://www.orchardhillsutlery.com,
and clicking on the "PERIOD MUSIC" link that is located on our front
Thank you for your interest and your continued patronage. Take care all.