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01-17-2007, 11:24 PM
Seems like I've had someone call me every other week for the last few months about these shows. You know the type, CSI Gettysburg or some crazy thing. My mother called last month, she saw this show and someone killed a reenactor at an event. How was the poor guy let off the hook? Suspence music goes here. "What is the white powder in his gun?" "Why it's cream of wheat, Dear Watson. He couldn't of done it!" :D :D :D Then I got a half hour talkin to on how it could happen to me and I should really find another hobby.

I finally saw one last night. Too funny. Two guys bumbling around in uniforms to infiltrate the reenactors. Funny uniforms. "Reenactors calling other "reenactors" the wrong rank. It was nuts. :D

Anyway, with all our arms inspections I don't see how anything like that could happen. Then again... Any thoughts???

1st Sgt Jefferies

01-18-2007, 12:05 AM
Here in Jacksonville this week we have had three ladies in SUVs shot at while driving down the road. Using the logic of "it could happen and we need a different hobby" I guess we should all stop driving as well as someone might take a shot at us for no reason. Yes there are inherent risks involved in this hobby (like almost any hobby) but I think the odds of being shot at while driving down the street are much higher than being shot at a reenactment.

The only case I know of where live ammo was fired at a reenactment was a couple of years ago at Resaca when some local yahoos fired shotguns near the Federal camp. Nobody was hurt and they were likely not shooting at the camp, but I understand the police did find the spent shells and were looking for the culprits.

Personally I think we are in more danger from heat related injuries and general injuries from not being in the appropriate shape for the scenario we are doing.

01-18-2007, 12:16 AM
Which Gettysburg was it, I can't remember, that Frenchman shot the guy in the neck? Pistol had been live-fired, shooter didn't check it, owner didn't check it or make sure the shooter checked it, NCO didn't check it or make sure the owner or the shooter checked it, CO didn't check it or make sure the NCO checked it or made sure the owner or the shooter checked it, guy gets hit in the neck and thank God wasn't seriously injured. That's at least four bozos who didn't understand what weapons inspections are for.

Someone figure out how many reenactors have died from all causes while at an event, and how many have died in auto accidents going to and from events. $50.00 says the second number is many times greater than the first.

01-18-2007, 11:05 AM
The 'other' great passion of my life is mountaineering which most folks (including my reenacting buddies) think is insanely risky - but to paraphrase Frenchie - I strongly suspect that many more climbers have been injured or killed driving to or from the mountain. Since 9/11 tens of thousands of Amereicans have been killed on our highways yet most of us seem far more concerned with dieing in a terrorist attack than an automobile accident. Likewise unreasonable fears about snakebite, shark attacks, bird flu, and a host of others. The odds of getting killed or injured at a reenactment are low enough that, on the whole, it is not a foolhardy endeavor.

Peter Julius,
Bryson City, NC