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01-13-2007, 08:17 PM

First of all many, many thanks to Curtis Utz for his assistance with the research. We have worked to put together two great scenarios for the Down the Valley Event, the 145th Anniversary of Jackson's Valley Campaign.

We this event we are depicting portions of the Battles of First Winchester and First Kernstown. Both battle's featured intense fighting and manauving by both sides.

Anyhow, here are the unit we plan to portray for each scenario. If there is a specific unit you wish to portray, please email me at ltcolcsa@hotmail.com

1st Kernstown

Federal Forces

Battery A- 1st WV Artillery

1st WV Cavalry

5th Ohio Inf
7th Ohio Inf
8th Ohio Inf
1st WV Inf
14th Ind Inf

Confederate Forces

7th Va Cavalry

Rockbridge Artillery- one section
Chew's Battery- one section

37th VA Inf
5th Va Inf
21st Va Inf

2nd Va Inf
4th Va Inf
27th Va Inf

And now the Units for 1st Winchester

Confederate Forces

Alleghany Artillery- One Section
Rockbridge Artillery- one section

2nd Va Cavalry

6th La Inf
9th La Inf
21st NC
1st MD Inf
27th Va Inf
10th Va Inf

Federal Forces

Battery M, 1st NY

1st MI Cavalry

4th Pa Inf
5th Ct Inf
2nd MA Inf
27th Ind Inf
29th Pa Inf

Some units have already requested some impressions, so do email me soon if you have a preference.

Rob Childress is working to update the web site, located at http://www.cedarcreekbattlefield.org/ and I thank him for his hard work on this effort as well.


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