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03-14-2006, 08:10 AM
I thouht this may be intersting for ya'll nad to put in the back of your minds for coming next year.


Natural Bridge is a small event with 6-7 guns and about 100 men on field. Saturday there were several presentations covering different aspects, infantry, cavalry, medical and artillery. There was a short skirmish just for the public to see a glimpse of what happened there 141 years ago. Several sutlers were set up. The Natural Bridge Historical Society also had a tent with refreshments and information. They are trying to help support buying more of the original battlefield area for preservation.



At the registration tent I met Chaplain Clifford Pierce of the 54th Massachusetts Company F. from Jacksonville area. Sunday he gave the talk based on David and Goliath. Even though I could not attend as I was helping man the SCV table I could hear him well. We were directly across from the monument area where church services were held. It was simple and to the point, Let God show and help you to defeat your giants. Very well spoken, imho.

The main battle occurred Sunday with 3 assaults on Confederate breastworks just has originally happened.

Steve and I, as US marines, and Kim as US navy, fell in with the US forces on Sunday. Chris and Curtis reported to Major ‘Milton’ of the sharpshooters to help hold the center of Confederate line. Ray and Mike were with the Confederate artillery. I shot at cpl Harrison several times, but he must have had on a steel undergarment as he never fell and I do not think I missed him at that range.

On the final assault US came close to the breastworks and Steve and I, under commence fire (shoot when you can) from our company captain held our fire until we say either Chris or Curtis pop up from behind logs. Once Chris pop’d up like a gopher when Steve and I had a bead drawn on him and both fired! We were later told he went up and said “oh no”! He was told by some other Confederates in line someone was shooting at him. Of course my white leathers with shiny brass emblem in center of the US marines made an excellant aiming point for the those opposing. And the white pants of Navy and Marines did not hide us very well in the woods.

We received many questions about us and heard that many were asked from the crowd gathered to watch the reenactment.

My compliments to the 4th Georgia unit (and others I do not know about) that filled out the US ranks. Great job. Interesting that many members of the 4th GA are SCV members.

The surrounding SCV and OCR camps had a table set up for recruiting at the sutler area. We talked with several interested people for SCV, OCR and for CS marine reenactors. This year was the first in a few years the SCV had a recruitment booth and we learned there is more leg work for next year. I think will be a great tool for getting members for all the local camps since many people come from the surrounding counties. I was told even the Georgia camp talked with a prospective member who was visiting from GA.

This was a very nice weekend, weather just right and a very NICE apple pie by Paige On Sunday. To the ones that missed it, we missed having you there. There’s talk of a good US navy contingent next year so mark calendars for the first full weekend in March. For those of us that can bear the blue (for a little while anyway) lets make a US marine presence felt.

03-14-2006, 08:28 AM
Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun out there. That is what it is all about, isn't it?
God Bless
Frank Stevanus

03-14-2006, 10:01 AM
We did have a good time. This is my 3rd year participating there and I learned something new everytime I go.

If we can find a dummy for the "tree" we're going to have a "blast" next year too!

03-22-2006, 06:46 PM

Nice little AAR... Now, when you say "part time US Marine" in your sig line are you saying that you are a reservist in the Corps? Or are you saying that you are just someone who re-enacts as a Civil War marine part time?

I am sorry if this seems petty. But to some of our gung-ho pards it may mean a great deal if they read into it like I did. Some of those guys are fairly protective of the title "US Marine."


Mike Phineas
Arlington, TX

03-23-2006, 08:27 AM
I portray US marine at some events, such as Natural Bridge, which is why it's noted in my reenacting signature. There are several in my CS marine group that are working on their kits as we are going to 1st Manassas at Cedar Creek to join in a US marine brigade being formed fro that event.