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01-13-2007, 06:08 PM
I'm no longer selling reproduction clothing as a business, so here are some leftover fabric pieces for sale. This is the fabric from one box, and I'll have another batch to list later.

Pictures available on request, or swatches if you're seriously interested. The silk taffeta is priced at about $10 per yard for a 55" width, though it's sold by the piece.

Shipping is extra, and will be actual USPS priority or first-class mail postage, so the more you buy, the more you can combine shipping. Payment can be by paypal or check or money order. Checks may be held to clear.

If you have any questions or want pictures, feel free to email me at the address below. If you're interested in purchasing most or all of the items listed, email me to negotiate a price for the lot.


Lavender satin-faced shot silk taffeta, 100% silk, 55" wide by 5 yards 29" long. Color is a dull lavender shot with brown on one side, and medium brown on the other. Price for the entire piece $58.

Reddish chocolate brown shot silk taffeta, 100% silk, 55" wide by 5 yards long. Color is the same on both sides, and this isn't quite as heavy as the previous silk. It's a reddish brown shot with very dark brown. Price for the entire piece $49.

OTHER SILK PIECES for bonnets, mantels, etc.:

Steel blue shot silk taffeta, 100% silk, 55" wide by 48" long. Color is medium blue shot with orange, giving an overall steel-blue color. Price for the piece $13.

Dark purple shot silk taffeta, 100% silk, 46" wide by 29" long. Color is dark purple shot with black. Price for the piece $6.

Cream colored silk with heavy cotton cording both directions at 1/2" intervals. Fabric is 100% silk and 100% cotton. Silk is a dupioni with very few slubs. 53" wide by 2 yards long. Price is $16 for the piece.

Green woven plaid 100% silk taffeta, 55" x 32". Main color is green, secondary color is red, other colors are light red, blue, yellow, gray, dark green. Price is $8 for the piece.

Bright blue 100% silk taffeta, 55" wide by 52" long, price is $14 for the piece.

Coppery brown satin-faced shot silk taffeta, 100% silk, 36" x 36". Color is medium coppery brown on one side, and dark brown on the other, made by combining pinkish tan shot with dark brown. Price is $6 for the piece.


Cranberry red polished 100% cotton, one piece 54" wide by 40" long. Price is $3 for the piece. (Sold pending payment)

Medium brown polished 100% cotton, sold by the yard, $5 per yard, up to 7 yards available. (Sold pending payment)


Dull pale yellow tropical-weight wool, 60" wide by 3 yards 18". This has a smooth (not fuzzy) finish, with a tiny decorative striped pattern in the weave. Price is $20 for the piece.


Very fine, delicate, cream-colored vintage 100% silk netting. This has approximately 18 x 12 holes per inch. It's 100" wide. It has five folds across its width, and because it's vintage, there's some weakening at some of the folds, but if you're using it in strips for bonnet decoration, you can work around those, and get a bargain price on real silk netting. It was sold to me as silk, and I've done a burn test and it burns like silk. I have up to 2 yards available, and will sell it by the half yard, at $9 per half yard. Each half-yard will give you a piece 100" x 18", which is enough for a half dozen interior bonnet ruchings at least.

Coarser brown vintage silk veiling. This has approximately 4 holes per inch, in a honeycomb six-sided pattern. Color is chocolate brown. It's 18" wide and I have 20 yards of it. Price is $3 per yard, or $20 for ten yards.

Hank Trent
hanktrent@voyager.net (hanktrent@voyager.net)