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01-11-2007, 09:22 AM

We have finalized the details of the South Mountain Scenarios for the September Storm event, Sept 7-9, 2007.

For the 145th Anniversary of South Mountain we will be portraying-

The Morning Phase of Fox's Gap- 1pm -This will be a public action replicating the attack of the Ohio Brigade.

CS Units-

5th VA Cav
Pelham's Horse Artillery- one section

Garland's Brigade
5th NC Inf
12th NC Inf
23rd NC Inf
20th NC Inf
13th NC Inf

G B Anderson's Brigade
2nd NC Inf
4th NC inf

Bondaurant's Battery- Section thereof

Federal Units

Small Cavalry Patrol

11th Ohio Inf
12th Ohio Inf
23rd Ohio Inf
36th Ohio Inf
30th Ohio Inf

Crome's Artillery - Section thereof

This action will feature heavy hand to hand combat, use of deployed sharpshooters and skirmishers, and replicate the actions up till Noon.

Saturday Dusk Battles- these will occur at the same time on different portions of the field. These actions are for Reenactors only, and desinged to give them a true experience of being immersed in the Civil War. These are set to stat one half hour prior to dusk, and end after dark.

Frost Town Road Battle- this will feature the Attack of the Bucktails on Rhodes' Alabama Brigade.

CS units-

12th Ala Inf
3rd Ala Inf
6th Ala Inf

Federal Units

7th Pa Reserves
4th Pa Reserves
13th Pa Reserves
6th Pa Reserves

This will occur over the the various rock out croppings and terrain that closely matches the area along Frost Town Road.

Final Stand at Crampton's Gap-

This scenario will focus on the right flank action out side of Burkittsville and will replicate the depserate fighting for the Southern Gap.

CS units-

2nd Va Cav
Georgia Troup Light Artillery- one section

Parham's Brigade
12th Virginia

Cobb's Brigade
Cobb's Legion Infantry
24th GA Inf
15th NC Inf

Federal Units-

Torbert's Brigade
4th NJ Inf
2nd NJ Inf

Bartlett's Brigade
18th NY Inf
23nd NY Inf

Wollcott's MD Artillery - One section

This action will depict the last stand of Cobb's Legion on the East Slope of Crampton's as well as the heroic attack of the NJ Brigade against the few remaining gunners who alone are left holding the Gap.

Over the next several weeks we will be working with the various force commanders to assign unit portrayals, and then will be posting back ground histories for all the units involved.

Next week will be be working to finalize the scenarios for Sunday's Battle's- The Battle of Antietam.

Many thanks to Al Preston of the South Mountain State Battlefield for all of help researching and finalizing these, so that they will be the most realistic and authentic scenarios possible.