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12-28-2006, 10:55 PM
Loyal Virginians for the Union!

Company B of the 7th West Virginia Infantry creates an opportunity for all its members to develop an impression of the "common soldier" during the American Civil War. At events members of the 7th portray an infantry company operating "in the field" on active campaign. Members participate in many activities throughout a public re-enactment weekend to foster and grow this experience. This involve a broad range of daily activities, drawing field rations and other supplies from the brigade commissary, setting up a field camp, participating in Army ceremonies, drill and re-enacted battles plus other activities of a soldier's life as the opportunity presents. As a member unit of the First Provisional Union Brigade of the NCWA, the Seventh participates in re-enactments throughout Northern and Central California on a regular basis. In addition, the unit participates in regional and national events and other public and private activities as decided by the unit membership.

The 7th is looking for able-bodied men throughout Northern California who stand firm against the tyranny of Secession and wish to work to preserve the Union. All potential recruits are encouraged to step forward. Moreover, we encourage all that join us to involve their family members as well. The National Civil War Association Union Brigade has a strong support structure and wives and young children are encouraged to join the Civilian corps which will assist them in developing their own impressions in a town setting. All are welcome to join and participate.

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Pvt. Cranston, 7th West Virginia (USA)
Fair Oaks, CA