View Full Version : New Years Sale

12-28-2006, 03:05 PM

With bringing in the new year, I am offering a couple of Sales items:

Schuylkill Arsenal Sack coats- $155 Postage Paid
Lined coat is copied from an original in the Smithsonian, with 1 piece sleeves and 2 piece body, square collar. All visable stitching is handsewn.

Unlined Version copied from an original in West Point. 3 Piece Body, 2 piece sleeves, rounded collar and jean wool breast pocket. Again all visable stitching handsewn. $165 Postage Paid

Schuylkill Arsenal Trousers- Copied from originals in the Gettysburg National Military Park and West Point Museum. All visable Stitching handsewn. $165 Postage Paid.

John T. Martin Contract Sack coats- $135 Postage Paid, all machine sewn with hand finished details.

Federal Contract trousers- $145 Postage Paid. Contracts such as Howard F. Harkness, Anspach and Stanton, JT Martin or william deering available.

Just a note, I have a size 42 Unknown Contract Sack coat on hand, all other items will have to be made. Also in stock:

Pair of 39 Waist Richmond Depot Trousers in brown Jean wool $160 Postage Paid

2 Federal Haversacks, Copied from an original in the Gettysburg National military Park $75 Postage Paid.

If interested in any items send me an email at caseyosgood@yahoo.com