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12-22-2006, 07:40 AM
The Home Monthly (July 1860-January 1861
Page 355

The Savior’s Birth – A Christmas Hymn

By The Invalid

How calm and peaceful was the scene,
Where shepherds watched in fields of green,
Their snowy flock in soft repose,
Until the dewy morn arose.

No sound broke on the stilly air,
And scarce a zephyr’s breath was there:
The crystal stream moved calmly on,
And hushed was e’en its rippling tone.

The stars with mild and gentle eyes
Looked softly from the smiling skies:
And not a cloud its shadow threw,
O’er all the fair expanse of blue.

But hark! Whence that melodious strain,
All softly flooding hill and plain:
With music such as ne’er before
Was heard upon this earthly shore.

It is a seraph band who sing
A welcome to the infant King:
Who, stooping to a mortal birth,
Comes this fair eve to dwell on earth.

Oh, list those soul-entrancing notes,
As though the air the cadence floats:
“Glory to God who reigns on high,
In radiant worlds above the sky;

“Let peace on earth, good will abound,
Where’er is heard this joyful sound;
For lo! A star of blessed ray!
Jesus, the Lord, is born to-day!

“A Saviour he will be to all
Who on his holy name shall call;
He comes this ruined earth to bless,
To comfort those in deep distress.

“Where’re his sacred feet shall tread,
Blessings around him shall be shed:
The sufferer shall rejoice in peace,
The prisoner’s chains shall he release.

“The weary spirit shall be blest,
With full, and sweet, and joyful rest;
The erring one shall feel his power,
And go in peace, to sin no more.”

Oh earth! join, too, this glorious strain,
Swell loud and clear the glad refrain;
“Great is the Lord, who reigns on high,
To-day let men and angels cry!”

And shall not we, in later days,
Uniting in that song of praise;
With grateful hearts and voices say,
“We bless the Star which rose that day?”

And gave this dark and sin-doomed earth
A new and still more glorious birth;
Whose blessed radiance, still divine,
Through everlasting years shall shine.

Yes, we will join that rapturous song,
And with the angels it prolong:
While we with grateful spirits claim
Rich blessings in the Saviour’s name.

Susan Armstrong, Merry Christmas