View Full Version : Louisiana Infantry campaigners

12-13-2006, 08:13 PM
If anyone is interested in starting an ANV Louisiana Infantry unit with me,please contact me at my email address 2boyz1princess@comcast.netWe would be located out of the New Oxford,Pennsylvania area,which is 9 miles east of Gettysburg.
I'm going to have a "camp of instruction" in March of 2007 for anyone that would like to attend. This would be an 1862-64 impression of possibly Company I,the Washington Rifles,9th LA. Inftry.Other impressions are a must for today's living histories/battle scenarios.Alabama,Mississippi and Georgia units would be involved too.
Strictly campaign impression for ANV.This gives more focus to authenticity and research on all ANV Infantry Regiments/Battalions.
Mark Hull