View Full Version : Stay away from these guys!!

03-08-2006, 03:50 PM
Like a moron I strayed from the A/C approved vendors and purchased a belt from the following: http://berdandepot.tripod.com/
I thought I would help out some fellow Kentuckians but have been swindled instead. I ordered one of their double buckle belts on Jan 4. Every few weeks I would get some sort of excuse why it was taking so long (even tho I never emailed them) and then finally on Feb 21 I was told it was on its way. That got me excited so I emailed them a week later to say I never got it. They didnt respond. So I emailed them this past weekend- still no response. Today I called to see what was going on and their phone number has been disconnected. I submitted a claim with paypal but they said my claim does not qualify as a dispute!?
Everett Taylor