View Full Version : Gettysburg 143rd Looking for a unit to join with

03-08-2006, 03:14 PM
Hello Gents looking for a unit to join up preferably Confederate but if their is a Federal Unit out their going I can join up with i would do it. i have all of my equipment and have reenacting for quite sometime, I have my own unit the 69th North Carolina, but nobody is going so I now have to find another unit to join up with, So far I have been searching around and have come up empty on the search. if anybody can help please let me know here or at my email nc69th@yahoo.com

Chadd M. Vail
69th NC Infantry

P.S. I know my drills preety well but if you wish to have a drill or something to make sure I am telling the truth that i know my drills please let me know. I should be in Gettysburg on June 30th I'll be staying at my Uncles House in Gettysburg for the event so that means I will not be camping out. I should be their at registration Barn around 8 or 9 pm unless my uncles schedule changes.

My Uncle will be in the event as well but he is artillery, with the 2nd US Artillery Battery M.

But I am a know nothing in Artillery and will not join him hehe