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11-24-2011, 11:28 AM
The Civil War Dance Foundation and its performing troupe, the Victorian Dance Ensemble, recently awarded $4,000 in preservation and education grants to four organizations. The Civil War Trust, the Central Virginia Battlefields Trust, the Lincoln Home and the National Museum of Civil War Medicine each received one thousand dollars.

The Civil War Trust, based in Washington, D.C., is the largest non-profit organization devoted to the preservation of our nation's endangered Civil War battlefields. It has saved over 30,000 acres in twenty states. The Trust also promotes educational programs and heritage tourism initiatives to inform the public of the war's history. In June, the CWT launched “Campaign 150: Our Time, Our Legacy” to preserve an additional 20,000 acres during the sesquicentennial of the Civil War. Website www.CivilWar.org.

The Central Virginia Battlefields Trust of Fredericksburg, Virginia, is dedicated to preserving the battlefields of Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, the Wilderness, Spotsylvania and Cold Harbor. In the last fifteen years, this organization has preserved over 800 acres by outright purchase or easements. Website www.cvbt.org.

The Lincoln Home National Historic Site in Springfield, Illinois, was the residence of Abraham Lincoln and his family from 1844 to 1861. It is maintained by the National Park Service as a memorial to the 16th President. Website http://www.nps.gov/liho/index.htm.

The National Museum of Civil War Medicine in Frederick, Maryland, is a center for the preservation and research of the legacy of Civil War medical innovation. It also operates the Pry House Field Hospital on the Antietam Battlefield. Website http://www.civilwarmed.org/.

Each year, our dancers select organizations and causes to help support preservation and education. We are very pleased to make donations to these worthy organizations to help them preserve our history. With this year’s donations, the total has now reached over $35,000 since we began awarding grants in 2001. Through our balls and dance demonstrations, we have helped to raise over $125,000 for various preservation organizations, museums and historic sites. In recognition of our support of preservation, the Civil War Trust named the Civil War Dance Foundation its 2011 Reenactment Unit of the Year.

The Victorian Dance Ensemble, founded in 1995, has over forty members from six states and presented fifty-one programs during the last year. It has presented dance demonstrations for the Smithsonian Institution, National Park Service at Arlington House, Gettysburg, Harpers Ferry and Hampton Mansion, Maryland Historical Society, Pennsylvania State Museum, National Civil War Museum, National Theatre, Whitaker Performing Arts Center, Ken Burns’ American Journeys, and numerous other historical organizations and sites. The group also conducts Civil War era balls, including the National Civil War Ball in Gettysburg and the Civil War Preservation Ball in the Rotunda of the Pennsylvania Capitol Building, both raising funds for preservation at Gettysburg National Military Park.

With the beginning of the sesquicentennial commemoration of the Civil War this year, the Victorian Dance Ensemble has been in great demand. This year, we presented special programs for the 150th anniversary of the Civil War for the City of Alexandria, Virginia, the Battle of Manassas, and Lincoln’s Grand Review of the Army of the Potomac. The dancers also reprised their role in “For the People,” for a second performance of the oratorio commissioned for the Lincoln Bicentennial.

Annette & Larry Keener-Farley
Victorian Dance Ensemble
performing troupe of the
Civil War Dance Foundation
Website: www.CivilWarDance.org