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11-30-2006, 12:20 AM
Pridgeon's Shenandoah Legion, Highland Historical Society & Highland Chamber of Commerce wish to announce the 145th Anniversary Commemorative Living History & Reenactment at McDowell, Virginia. The event web site is hosted at http://www.BattleofMcDowell.org
All proceeds go to the Highland Historical Society's preservation efforts and local civic organizations.

The event is scheduled for May 4-6, 2007; with the principal activities taking place beginning Saturday morning, and culminating Sunday morning before noon. First-person is strongly encouraged (not mandatory); however we request all participants to refrain from modern conversational references as much as possible throughout the event.

The event is invitation only, and we will be representing both CS and US forces who are engaged in active campaign. Details regarding authenticity and safety requirements will be available on the event website. Units, messes, and/or individuals who have not attended previously must be willing to undergo a pre-registration screening (references are strongly recommended as well). Reenactor attendance is limited to 1,000.

Those who have attended the McDowell event in past years know the charm of the place. For those who have not, the village is seated within the eastern portion of the Allegheny Mountains, at an elevation of 2,100' above sea level. McDowell lies at the crossing of the Bullpasture River by the historic Staunton-Parkersburg Pike (now US 250) within the scenic Bullpasture River Gorge, an acclaimed trout fishing area.

At the event both CS and US forces will be camped on and around Sitlington's Hill, the site of the original battle, which is a western spur of the 3,000' Bullpasture Mountain looming above. Peaks visible all around the village range from 3,000 to 4,000'.

The original Presbyterian Church that witnessed the battle still stands at the south end of town. Signatures of Union soldiers can be seen scratched into the bricks on the church's front wall. In addition, a cannonball is lodged in the right wall of the church, reportedly a misfired round from the Union guns that were placed on the hill just behind the church.

Thank you for your consideration if you are interested in attending, and your past support for this event if you are returning.

Your servant, et c.,
Bob Denton
Reenactor Coordinator-McDowell 2007 Event Committee