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11-27-2006, 10:33 PM
Announcing my assignment
as the new agent in the field for Historic Clothiers.

I will be representing NJ. Sekela's fine products and wares in the Southeastern States in time for the winter campaigns. check our http://Items in stock. We are constantly adding items to our inventory, so if what you require is not on the list, please inquire.

Historic Clothiers is a professional company devoted to reproducing the best quality Civil War period clothing and equipment.


Access to an extensive collection of original items, three of which are pictured in Time-Life's Echoes of Glory. One can actually examine the originals that were used to make the copies.

Finely detailed items with custom manufactured hardware.

Computerized pattern making accurate at .001 of an inch. Nick has an extensive education in the garment industry having attended the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Full production capacity to produce both custom and small production lots. Items are turned out in production runs, as were originals.

Proximity to New York for fabric sourcing. The center of the nations garment industry.

Please sign up for our newsletter at HistCloth@aol.com.


James Permane