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09-10-2011, 07:29 PM
I'm an outsider to the hobby; I was once graciously allowed to sit in the camp and bear a flag in the battle, so if I really stretch it I can boast that I have four hours' experience re-enacting. I have talked with my brother a bit, and he re-enacts as a chaplain (1st Illinois) or infantry (3rd Tennessee). But I am trying to show an outsider's good manners.

I work in IT, and one of the tools I've worked with is Pinax, which lets you get a social network up quickly by IT standards. I hope this would not be seen as competing with a forum like yours, but I was wondering if anybody here would be interested in my setting up a social network site for Civil War Reenactors. It might be a complete flop but it's the sort of thing you don't know, not until you've tried it.

Is there interest? Or would I just be poaching what rightly belongs to this forum? And I do hope I'm not being rude by making this proposal as an outsider.

Thank you,
Jonathan Hayward

09-10-2011, 09:59 PM
Oh, I think its already being done.

Reenactors are a funny lot, and Facebook shows it. We seem to think that every reenactor needs to be acquainted with every other reenactor, no matter the time period or level of interest. "Friends" lists often reflect this, as do the massive number of subgroups and event invitations. That particular method of communication seems to fit well in the world view of the younger set, and many events run both a traditional event website and a Facebook page.

For those with truely board horizons (the multi-time period geeks), Skirmish Magazine operates Living History Worldwide which gives us excellent connections for events in other countries of what ever war---including this one, as American Civil War has a strong reenactor following in other countries as well. http://www.livinghistoryworldwide.com/

This young country really does not have much reenacting history. When I say my other time period is 1740 French Settlement of Alabama, people usually look like I've dropped from the moon. F & I, Rev War, 1812 War are all small niches, and the Adventures are much wider and expanding--Indian Wars, Morman Expansion, Texas Republic. They've got a lot longer time line to draw from across the Big Pond.

There are three major Civil War Reenacting Forums. Each has within its software various social network functions, such as 'friends' and 'groups' All three have to work to keep the lights on, pay the bills, and keep civility in a highly contentious group of folks.

So, well, what ever you want to spend your time on...................a lot of folks will tell you its pretty well a full time job.

09-11-2011, 05:32 AM
Thank you, Mrs. Larson.

Jonathan Hayward