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03-07-2006, 11:31 AM
Hello fellow Civil War Buffs,

My name is August Marchetti, and I write to you on behalf of Kane's Rifle Regiment, Company H "Bucktails". We are a non-profit american civil war reenactment organization that is based out of Kennett Square, Chester County, PA. Historically speaking, we represent one of the original company's which came from Kennett Square and its surrouding townships and borroughs. The company was formed under the leadership of 21-year-old Charles Frederick Taylor (the well-known writer and famous traveler Bayard Taylor's younger brother) who would end up as their Captain and lead the company (and later his regiment) half way through the war, till he was killed in action during a heroic charge at Gettysburg. As Civil War Reenactors representing Taylor's company, we do many different types of events up and down the east coast, such as living histories, camp life, battle reenactments, skirmishes, life of the common soldier and/or civilian, etc. The majority of our events are held in the region, like Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, and so on. Our member's come from all over the area, some from Kennett Square, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Deleware, Maryland, even as far as Brooklyn, New York. If your a history buff, with a special interest in the American Civil War - give this hobby a shot. There are very few times in life - if any, where you can almost step back through time to experiance what it might have felt like as an actual soldier; participating in Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg, or the Assault on the Sunken Road at Antietam. WE are a family-friendly oriented group, we do accept individuals portraying civilians of that time period. Please email kanesrifles@comcast.net for more information.