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08-05-2011, 02:02 PM
Guys..I have been at this a while--first musket was bought at BANNERMANS in 1951-2..
I still have it. I have been restoring them since then !!
If you have a bad lock....I can fix it. no limitations..BUT -- I do the 1855/65 Springfield .58 family only.. all the makers.... My favorite....!!
I'm a retired US ARMY/Government ARMORER -- SERGEANT MAJOR -- - over 30 years..
Let me know if you are in trouble with your favorite Musket... I don't fix them to make money - I fix them to keep you going....I usually only charge postage and parts.
So - relax....... I know what I'm doing....... I live in Colorado now..........could not handle NY ... I like to be a FREE American... I saw where a lock was not working -- that caught my eye - I bet I can fix it !! Keep the faith ... top