View Full Version : F/S: Missouri B&S British knapsack, and Confed frock coa

03-06-2006, 05:28 AM
British knapsack made by Missouri Boot & Shoe, very fine example, coarse linen body,stitched as per original. Used three times. Comes with shoulder slings and hardware. No frame. I can throw in a frame but it is not correct. Mr. Serio is not making these at present. $240 plus $7 shipping. Three-day inspection period upon receipt.

Confederate frock coat made by Mr. Cody Mobley, proprietor of the Company Tailor. Made of FHW "Sow Brown" jean (very light brownish tan), FHW hickory shirting used for lining. Mostly hand-sewn from what I can see. Tail pockets. No buttons. Size approx. 42 long. I have had this frock coat for about five years. Some wear, but negligle. $125 plus $6 shipping. Three-day inspection period after receipt.

If interested, email me at clweb@prodigy.net; do NOT leave queries or offers on this board.