View Full Version : Attention Georgia Residents - Ammendment #3 could impact HP License Plate

11-07-2006, 06:16 AM
Hey Folks,

This is directed towards all Georgians heading to the polls today. Please find the press release below from GA HPD regarding an ammendment that could effect the new Historic Preservation license plate.

Proposed constitutional amendment (#3) could impact preservation license plate

The November 7, 2006 election will include a proposed constitutional amendment (#3) that would impact all special license plates, including the recently created historic preservation plate.

If the amendment passes, then all authorized revenues from sales of the historic preservation license plate will be dedicated directly to the Georgia Heritage grant program. If the amendment does not pass, revenues from sales of the plates will become part of the general fund and will be allocated by the Georgia legislature.

The amendment has broad bipartisan backing, and Georgians for Preservation Action has asked its membership to support it. As always, you are encouraged to vote.

For questions concerning this amendment, please contact HPD Grants Coordinator Carole Moore at 404-463-8434 or email her at carole_moore@dnr.state.ga.us. To view the preservation plate, access the order form and locate the nearest tag office, go to HPD’s website at www.gashpo.org. Current tag orders are now at 284.

I hope everyone will support this new measure and the new HP plates. Thanks, Garrett