View Full Version : Manassas: Federal Principal Drummer needed!

05-02-2011, 09:00 PM
I've got a Fifer Extraordinairea (Camp Chase!).....I need a top notch drummer that can play the entire Reveille, enough songs for a full 1 hour Tattoo each evening (may set up a jam with nearby field musics!)....several Parades per day (duke of york or Endearing Young Charms going down, Battle Hymn coming back)...camp duty as prescribed, etc. plus keep a steady 105 beat (yea were older and can't jump out at 110).....

Since we don't have 10+ musician's per battalion, this will be at the Brigade level....I've got a 12' fly for cooler sleeping....plus whatever canvas you bring....

(hey, I can always use extra buglers, especially some young whipper snappers that don't mind playing under fire on the skirmish line!

email me please!