View Full Version : stolen 1863 navy arms springfield

03-05-2006, 10:22 AM
Hello Everyone,
I am posting this message to look for a stolen 1863 springfield, It was stolen a long time ago from me while I was overseas in the marine corps during the first gulf war. I was a reenactor before I went into the marines in 1986. My father and I built this springfield as kit from navy arms in 1983, It has a serial #608 stamped on top of the barrel, it say's Navy Arms and 1863 on the lockplate. I am not wanting to have the rifle back {unless someone would be willing to sell it} I only want to know if it is still out there! It has some sentimental value since my dad has passed away. Any info would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Rick Spencer, Still a member of the 35th OVI after all these years!!!!!!