View Full Version : Men's kid leather gloves / men's pleated dress shirts in stock

11-05-2006, 12:08 PM
Carter & Jasper is pleased to announce that we now have a stock of men's kid leather gloves. These ARE NOT originals and ARE high quality Italian kid leather, basically impossible to find in today's U.S. market. The are quality constructed and UNLINED. The gloves come in sizes S-XL. They are being introduced at a price of $55 per pair. Please take advantage of this opportunity soon because of the limited availabilty of the stock of gloves.

Carter & Jasper now also has several men's pleated front dress shirts in stock. These shirts are made from cotton cloth with linen collar and pleats. Very nicely made. They come with white glass buttons. Sizes available are 40,44, 46,48. Ready to ship now.... $125

The gloves and shirts can be ordered with credit or debit card by calling Carter & Jasper at 615-533-7017 or by emailing order to carterandjasper@yahoo.com. Mail orders are also accepted by mailing to the address of 1721 Stephenson Lane, Spring Hill, TN 37174.

Thank you.

Chris Utley
Carter & Jasper