View Full Version : Come join the Ohio Valley Civil War Assoc.!

11-01-2006, 12:14 PM
We are the OVCWA, We are mostly a living history group but we do some reenacting also. We have a little of something for everybody! We have been called one of the best traveling museums in the country! Our unit consist of the 35th OVI, the 19th us regular inf., The 1st Ohio battery c light artillery, Burgess western sharpshooters (or 66th ill. wichever you prefer) We also have a signal corp unit and some medical too.
We bring this all together to present to the public a little more Than just infantry, This way they get a little better idea as to what each unit did during the civil war. We do a lot of things no other unit gets to! Check our Websites and see for yourself. If you love to teach or just learn more for yourself, check out our websites and learn more.
You can contact me at, Rick35ovi@yahoo.com or chris.koers@19thusregulars.com